Ta Façon Ruffle Top

Ta Façon Ruffle Top


Crisp, silk satin ruffles cascade around your neck and waist with the Ta Façon Ruffle Top.  Vibrant and tasty color tell an elegant yet edgy story with a piece that can be worn with jeans, a pencil skirt, slacks and more.  Pair this garment with a cap sleeve top or freshly pressed button down for a unique and uber chic look! 

This top can be worn 4 ways:

With Racerback Vest 

Without Racerback Vest

Peplum Top, around the waist

As a strapless top

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Ta Façon Ruffle Top Measurements

Racerback Size         Ruffle Around Neck

XS                                          36

S                                            36

M                                           38

L                                            38

XL                                         38

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